Elected Officials Swearing in Ceremony, 1995

Please click here for an alphabetical list of all past and present elected officials.

Current Elected Officials

Commissioners Court

Precinct 1

Jeff Travillion (2017-present)

Precinct 2

Brigid Shea (2015-present)

Precinct 3

Ann Howard (2021-present)

Precinct 4

Margaret Gomez (1995-present)


Precinct 1

Tonya Nixon (2021-present)

Precinct 2

Adan Ballesteros (2009-present)

Precinct 3

Stacy Suits (2017-present)

Precinct 4

George Morales III (2017-present)

Precinct 5

Carlos Lopez (2013-present)

County Attorney

Delia Garza (2021-present)

County Clerk

Rebecca Guerrero (2022-present)

County Court at Law Judges

#1 (Civil)

Todd Wong (2015-present)

#2 (Civil)

Eric Shepperd (2007-present)

#3 (Criminal)

John Lipscombe (2011-present)

#4 (Criminal)

Dimple Malhotra (2019-present)

#5 (Criminal)

Nancy Hohengarten (2004-present)

#6 (Criminal)

Brandy Mueller (2011-present)

#7 (Criminal)

Elisabeth Earle (2003-present)

#8 (Criminal)

Carlos H. Barrera (2009-present)

#9 (Criminal)

Kim Williams (2017-present)

County Judge

Andy Brown (2020-present)

County Treasurer

Dolores Ortega-Carter (1987-present)

District Attorney

Jose Garza (2021-present)

District Clerk

Velva L. Price (2015-present)

District Court Judges

53rd (Civil)

Maria Cantu Hexsel (2021-present)

98th (Civil)

Rhonda Hurley (2009-present)

126th (Civil)

Aurora Martinez Jones (2021-present)

147th (Criminal)

Cliff Brown (2011-present)

167th (Criminal)

Dana Blazey (2021-present)

200th (Civil)

Jessica Mangrum (2021-present)

201st (Civil)

Amy Clark Meachum (2011-present)

250th (Civil)

Karin Crump (2015-present)

261st (Civil)

Lora Livingston (1999-present)

299th (Criminal)

Karen Sage (2011-present)

331st (Criminal)

Chantal Eldridge (2019-present)

345th (Civil)

Jan Soifer (2017-present)

353rd (Civil)

Madeline Connor (2021-present)

390th (Criminal)

Julie Kocurek (1990-present)

403rd (Criminal)

Brenda Kennedy (2002-present)

419th (Civil)

Catherine Mauzy (2019-present)

427th (Criminal)

Tamara Needles (2017-present)

450th (Criminal)

Brad Urrutia (2017-present)

       455th (Civil)

       Cleve W. Doty (2021-present)

459th (Civil)

Maya Guerra Gamble (2019-present)

460th (Criminal)

Selena Alvarenga (2021-present)

Justices of the Peace

Precinct 1

Yvonne M. Williams (2011-present)

Precinct 2

Randall Slagle (2015-present)

Precinct 3

Sylvia Holmes (2019-present)

Precinct 4

Raul Arturo Gonzalez (2006-present)

Precinct 5

Nick Chu (2017-present)

Probate Court Judge

Guy Herman (1987-present)


Sally Hernandez (2017-present)

Tax Assessor-Collector

Bruce Elfant (2013-present)

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